Michael Dunn, PhD.,

Washington State University, Vancouver

Dr. Michael Dunn is an associate professor of special education and literacy at Washington State University Vancouver ad teaches undergraduate and graduate courses applicable to K-12 educators. His areas of research interest include writing strategy interventions, struggling writers, learning disabilities, multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), inclusion strategies for students with disabilities, general education teachers’ referral criteria for students’ possible special education classification and placement.

All Sessions by Michael Dunn, PhD.,

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Writing Interventions with Technology Tools

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (2017) results indicate that as many as 75% of students in public schools cannot write at a basic level. The statistics are even worse for students with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds. There are strategies that can help students improve their writing skills (e.g., Graham et al., 2012) such as mnemonic strategy instruction, step-by-step modeling by the teacher to help students apply strategies (e.g., self-regulated strategy development [SRSD]), as well as technology tools. These practices have been central components of Dr. Michael Dunn’s writing research as he works with elementary students and lower division (first/second-year university) STEM students who have a learning disability and/or experience challenges with writing. This session will review the challenges with writing that participants have expressed and the types of intervention components that Dr. Dunn has developed which has provided for students’ improvement.