What is…

Written Expression?

The 2022 International Conference on the Science of Written Expression


(A Virtual Event)

January 21st-23rd, 2022


What is Written Expression?…

Current research on writing defines written expression as “the complex self-directed process that involves the higher order cognitive skills of idea generation, planning, organizing, translating, and revising ideas into a written product which communicates meaning.”

In today’s classrooms the emphasis on student achievement through written expression is at its highest.

At the Handwriting Collaborative we are dedicated to providing educators with access to the research, and the resources, that are key to improving the writing development of all learners.

With this goal in mind, we have gathered together leading researchers in the fields of literacy education, psychology, neuroscience, and more to share the findings of their most recent work at our International Conference on the Science of Written Expression.
This virtual conference, on ALL aspects of the science of writing, will be held January 21st-23rd, 2022


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Keynote Speakers

Featured Speakers

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Featured Sessions

“Levels of Language: Application to Diagnosis, Instruction, and Functional Writing Systems”

Virginia Wise Berninger, Professor Emerita, University of Washington

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Research will be shared showing that (a) brain connectivity differs for different levels of written language (subword letters, word spellings, and syntax/text composing); (b) specific writing disabilities differ in level of language impairment (dysgraphia–letter writing, dyslexia–word spelling, OWL LD–syntax construction); and (c) instruction aimed at all levels of language close in time–letter writing, word spelling, and sentence/text composing– is effective for all students.

“Spelling Development: The Science behind it”

R. Malatesha Joshi, Ph.D., Texas A & M University

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Spelling is a window on what a person knows about words and learning about words and about the language will improve spelling as well as reading and writing skills. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the regularity of English spelling based upon the phonological, orthographic, and morphological principles and how spelling can be taught in an explicit, systematic, and direct manner.  We will also review some of our research on spelling acquisition in different dialects and languages.

“Writing Interventions with Technology Tools”

Dr. Michael Dunn, Washington State University Vancouver

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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (2017) results indicate that as many as 75% of students in public schools cannot write at a basic level. The statistics are even worse for students with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds. There are strategies that can help students improve their writing skills (e.g., Graham et al., 2012) such as mnemonic strategy instruction, step-by-step modeling by the teacher to help students apply strategies (e.g., self-regulated strategy development [SRSD]), as well as technology tools. These practices have been central components of Dr. Michael Dunn’s writing research as he works with elementary students and lower division (first/second-year university) STEM students who have a learning disability and/or experience challenges with writing. This session will review the challenges with writing that participants have expressed and the types of intervention components that Dr. Dunn has developed which has provided for students’ improvement.

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