Anouk ten Peze

University of Amsterdam

Anouk ten Peze works as a teacher of Dutch language and literature in upper secondary education (at Het Schoter, Haarlem, the Netherlands). In addition, she is working at the University of Amsterdam on a PhD research project on the effect of creative writing on the writing process and text quality.

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10:00 am - 10:45 am

Creative Writing: from Process Analyses to Testing Course

In this presentation we will share the results of two studies on creative writing, nowadays a neglected element in the language curriculum in The Netherlands. The first study is on the differences and commonalties of writing creative and argumentative texts. Data were the writing processes of about 20 students (age 15-17) who wrote four argumentative and four creative text. We related the process features to text quality and students' creativity scores. Dominant findings were the indirect and direct effects of affective variables and fluency of writing. In the second study we tested the effect of a creative writing course (six weeks) on writing processes and text quality of creative and argumentative tasks. We found positive effects on creative texts, and transfer effects on argumentative writing.

Ten Peze, A., Janssen, T., Rijlaarsdam, G., & van Weijen, D. (2021). Writing creative and argumentative texts: What's the difference? Exploring how task type affects students' writing behaviour and performance. L1-Educational Studie in Language and Literature, 21, 1-38.

Ten Peze, A., Janssen, T., Rijlaarsdam, G., & van Weijen, D. (submitted). Effects of a course in creative writing on text quality and writing processes.